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James chats with Bellus Magazine

BELLUS MAGAZINE (BM): How I Like It’ is your debut album. What inspired you to record a solo album?
I’ve always wanted to create my own music. Hell, I was writing my own music well before BTR, but it was only after the many years of that craziness and then a couple to myself to travel and experience life, that I felt I had enough to talk about.

BM: How did you come about titling the album?
Even though the title track brings far more depth and sexuality to the words “How I Like It”, the title is pretty self explanatory. As a solo artist creating my own music and art, I finally get to do things how I like.

BM: How I Like It’ has received a lot of positive feedback. How would you describe the feel of the album?
It’s pop music, but each song has it’s own flare and thus feels a little different that the last. Some songs like “Addicted” are pop with electronic influences and others like “You’re The One” are still technically pop but from a much softer and more acoustic approach. I wanted to create an album that flowed together socially from start to finish, but that had a diverse mix of sound and feel.

BM: What is the song ‘Who Knows’ about?
Who Knows is about a relationship that I let run on for too long. I was in love and it blinded me to so many things…but once I was able to step away from it I also learned so much about myself. What I liked and even more important, what I didn’t. What I won’t repeat again.

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Bello’s Exclusive Conversation with their November ‘It Guy’ James Maslow

Imagine a rocket that’s going full-tilt and just about to reach orbit. It’s the perfect metaphor for the career of singer and actor James Maslow. Having just wrapped up filming in Atlanta on his latest movie, The Boarder, James’ next big moment comes when he performs as one of the opening acts of the epic iHeartRadio Music Festival which is coming soon to Las Vegas September 22-23. So who could possibly be more perfect to be BELLO‘s IT GUY! We sat down with James during his BELLO photo shoot in Los Angeles for a quick check-in.

BELLO: If you were cast away to a deserted island and could only bring one musician’s catalog of music with you, who would it be?
My first instinct was, I just love Bruno Mars’ current album, but even though he’s been a songwriter for so many years, he’s only been an artist for so many albums at this point. And for the rest of my life if I had to bring someone’s entire collection, I’m going with Michael Jackson. He just has a plethora of amazing music. I think that would be a good one.

BELLO: Of all the musicians you’ve ever met in person, who left you the most starstruck?
I will probably say John Mayer because we had such a long and interesting conversation. It was when I first joined Sony Columbia’s team and I was backstage with him at one of his shows at the Staples Center, and we chatted for about 20 minutes. And of all the many things we talked about, from the bright topics to the dark topics, one of the things that he said that stuck with me was when he said, ‘Alright man, so tonight I’m playin’ for you.’ And I responded in a tone, like, ‘Yeah, ya know, like me and 17,000 other people.’ Not trying to be rude, but I was like, ‘Yeah, OK, I get it.’ But he was like, ‘No, dude, think about it. If I came to one of your concerts, wouldn’t you be thinking, holy shit, John Mayer is in the crowd! Let me make sure I do a good show for him.’ And my response was, ‘Of course.’ And even though I’m sure he’s used that on a lot of girls, I was thinking, ‘This feels pretty good! [laughing] This is pretty dope.’ And after that I respected him in more than just a musicianship kind of way. Continue reading

Trending All Day: The Vibes with James Maslow

Having just won the Macy’s Rising Star award, the former Big Time Rush member talked to us about not only his time with the band, but how he’s evolved into the solo artist he is now. Turns outs– it was actually James’ mom who originally got him into music after she threw him into a children’s choir when he was just a kid.

I was a little dude who grew up, like, surfing and skating and playing sports, and so for the first week or two, I absolutely hated it…But then what’s crazy is a couple of weeks into it, I turned around and was like, no, I wanna go back to it.” Thank god he did. When talking to James, we covered everything from his craziest fan experience to whether or not he’s single– and guess what ladies, you’re in luck. Turns out the singer isn’t taken yet, so hey, maybe you’ve got a shot. And as for that crazy fan experience? Let’s just say it involved an elevator, a lot of dedication, and a little bit of luck.


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