James joins the cast of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

The Olympics will not be the only star-studded televised competition happening on TV this February. (That’s depending on your definition of “star-studded,” of course.) Because in a move of counter-programming genius — or folly — CBS is rolling out a special winter celebrity edition of its Big Brother franchise on Feb. 7.

And now the network has finally revealed during the Grammys just who was crazy enough to lock themselves in a house for two-and-a-half-weeks to amuse and entertain us. (Once again, this all depends on your definition of “entertain.”) The list includes five ex-Dancing with the Stars hoofers as well as four former Celebrity Apprentice contestants, meaning 9 of the 11 new houseguests come from one of those two shows.

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Feb. 7th on CBS and will conclude Feb. 25th.

Source: EW.com

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